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Throughout your engagement with Dr. Taha, you will receive personalized attention from all staff members including Dr. Taha and will be well informed of what to expect and what to do.

First Contact

If you have found us through internet search, give us a call. We will ask some questions, previous surgeries, family doctor, and medical history and let you know what to bring with you. Typically the appointment is scheduled for a week or so out. Our goal is to pick up where your last physician left off for efficient patient care.

If you are referred to us by another physician, that physician should be sending over your testing reports, office notes and any other information we may need to schedule your appointment. Within a few days of receipt of that information we will call you to schedule your consultation appointment. We want to get you scheduled as soon as possible and will give you an earlier appointment if your request is medically urgent. We will ask you a few questions and remind you what you need to bring with you.

After the call an email from Allmeds (our Medical Records System) is sent to you containing a link to the web portal (or you can use the link on this Website) your User Name and Temporary Password so that you can fill out online forms. (If you are unable to complete these forms online it will take you 45 mins in office versus 7-10 minutes on the computer).

You will have additional forms to print and fill out which are also available under the New Patient Section and also under our Patient Portal tab.

First Appointment

When you come in for the appointment expect to spend about 1-1/2 hours. (Please note that Dr. Taha can be pulled away for an emergency and we would need to reschedule if this situation occurs). At the first appointment:
Bring your 2017 Patient Packet form and provide your insurance card and ID. Also print and bring your Oswestry or Karnofsky Form – see details under the patient form section.

A Medical Assistant will get your medical history and take your vitals.

Dr. Taha or his PA will start the evaluation.

For neck and lower back pain you will be sent to receive bending X-rays. These are to check the stability of the neck and spine. You will return to Dr. Taha’s office after the X-rays which usually take about 30 minutes.

After receiving the X-rays Dr. Taha reviews the x-rays and all the information (i.e. MRI’s) from the referring physician.

After review, during the first visit, Dr. Taha will consult with you. At this time he will determine if more testing is required and review your treatment options. These options can include a spectrum of non-surgical and/or surgical procedures. You treatment plan will be customized for your specific needs and goals. Surgery is always the last option. Dr. Taha has established a network for non-surgical treatments and will send you to one that is convenient for you.

If surgery is required, you will sign consents and surgery will be scheduled at this appointment. If urgent, it will be scheduled ASAP. At this time your pre-op appointment may also be scheduled. After this initial appointment you will receive a letter in the mail or by email which covers the surgery date reminder, post op appointment, and discharge instructions.
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