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6 Things to Do Before Your Brain Surgery
Monday, April 2, 2018

Brain surgery is tough to get through.

You need a lot of strength, support from your family, and lots of ideas to keep you from fretting and panicking. Staying relaxed and happy is the best advice to be given in such trying times, but it’s just easy to say so and difficult to practice.

Here we’ll discuss a few ideas that will keep your spirit up, will make you think optimistically and maybe cheer you up a little before you get admitted for your brain surgery. Some of these things are even recommended by neurosurgeons to keep you in a relaxed state of mind. So here we go!

1 - Cleaning and Washing

This might sound a little crazy, but there’s something very relaxing about doing regular household chores before your neurosurgery. It kind of gives you a chance to keep all the surgery related stress on the side and work normally for a while. It gives you a positive hope about the tough experience you’re about to go through.

And when it comes to regular household chores, what’s better than indulging in vacuuming and doing laundry.

2 - Arrange a Caretaker

This is something you’ll need the most post-surgery if you live alone. It is better if you ask someone you know – a family member or a relative – to move in with you for a few weeks. You’ll need someone to cook food, administer your medicines, wash the dishes, and yes of course, help you take a bath, because you won’t be advised to stand under the shower for too long.

3 - Drink Tons of Water

You’ll be asked to stop drinking anything from the night before your surgery. So it’s really important that you hydrate your body as much as you can before the surgery. Going in for a brain surgery without consuming lots of fluids will leave you extremely dehydrated. And that’s one thing you don’t want to deal with once get out of anesthesia.

4 - Arrange a Lot of Clean PJs

That’s why you were asked to do the laundry in the first place. You’re going to need a lot of clean laundry after your surgery. So it’s a very wise move to arrange for it before the time comes, or else you’ll run out of your PJ reserves in no time. Make sure you buy stretchable, oversized and very comfortable pajamas or yoga pants because you’ll be on steroids and your belly will swell.

5 - Stock-up Your Fridge

Load your fridge with all sorts of healthy and delicious food because you’re going to get really hungry after taking steroids. You’ll probably love wolfing down some high calorie stuff like chocolates and cupcakes. Also, doing this will create a positive feeling about the outcome of your brain surgery.

6 - Take It Easy and Have Some Fun

Do everything that you can do to make yourself feel cheerful and entertained. If you think going out with friends will help you, then do that. You can dine out, watch a movie, listen to music, or perhaps start baking cookies for your recovery time. The point is, just relax.

Doing these things before your neurosurgery has one purpose – de-stressing. Stress won’t help at all, so why take it? You can always discuss the things to do before your brain surgery with your neurosurgeon, and you’ll see they’ll recommend things similar to these. If the date of your brain surgery is coming close and you want to discuss matters related to your case or your recovery with a professional neurosurgeon then feel free to contact Advanced Neurosurgery, Inc today.

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