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Does Your Shoulder Pain Have Anything Do to With the Neck?
Friday, March 15, 2019

Have your shoulders been bothering you lately? Do you feel pain in your shoulders?

If you’ve been experiencing shoulder pain for a few months now, you may question whether it has something to do with your neck. Shoulder and neck pain are often related. That’s why doctors will usually examine your neck first when you’re suffering from shoulder pain.

The shoulder is made up of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Most of the time, shoulder pain is experienced when soft tissues in the shoulder get injured. However, in some cases, problem with the nerves or bones in the neck or cervical disk disease could be responsible for your shoulder pain.

Cervical Disk Disease

It’s a condition that can develop in your cervical spine. The cervical spine holds seven spinal bones. Intervertebral disks i.e. flexible tissues that absorb shock and allow us to move our neck without any resistance separate these bones. Cervical disk disease affects intervertebral disks and places stress on nerves in the neck, which can affect shoulders. Herniated disk and bone spurs are examples of cervical disk disease.

• Herniated Disk

Herniated disk or slipped disk is a condition in which one of the disks gets out of place. The problem can be caused by injury or develop due to age-related degeneration of the disk. Herniated disk may put pressure on your spinal nerves which may result in shoulder and neck pain accompanied by tingling or numbness in shoulders or arms.

• Bone Spurs

Bone spurs can form in more severe cases of disk degeneration. These are tiny growths on bones in the spine that may irritate spinal nerves causing pressure and resulting in pain in the neck, arms, and shoulders.

Other Causes of Shoulder and Neck Pain

Sometimes shoulder and neck pain could be associated with something really serious. While rare, these conditions include:

• Meningitis

Meningitis is an infection of central nervous system and it can be life-threatening. One of the major symptoms of meningitis is stiffness and neck pain, followed by vomiting, fever and other symptoms. Meningitis may also cause stiffness and pain in shoulders.

• Spinal Cord Tumor

Spinal cord tumor can arise in the spine’s cervical region resulting in neck pain. As the tumor grows, it may also trigger pain in arms, legs or shoulders.

If you’re suffering from chronic shoulder pain, get yourself examined by a physician. If there’s an underlying neck issue causing the pain, the physician may be able to identify it. Shoulder pain related to neck can be associated with a serious issue or it could be something minor such as a muscle spasm. Whatever the case, you can’t live with pain forever. So, it is best to get to the root cause of pain and obtain the required treatment.

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