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Brain Tumor: The Tell Tale Signs
Thursday, January 25, 2018

Brain tumor is the 10th leading cause of human deaths with more than 16,000 people dying from it every year. In contrast, around 23,000 are diagnosed every year. The five-year survival rate for stands at an average 35% but this can vary enormously depending on several factors that are different in case of every patient. Brain tumors and cancer are not terms that can be used interchangeably because cancer is the superlative form of the tumor.

What is brain tumor?

Tumors are infectious growths that take up places that are normally taken up by blood, cells or cerebrospinal fluid. A brain tumor can be caused by any infectious growth or mutation that affects normal healthy cells causing them to change their structure and become useless. Tumors can be dormant and a person might live normally with it all his life however at other instances it might be active and spread to other parts something leading to fatal consequences.
6 symptoms of brain tumor that you shouldn’t ignore

There are numerous symptoms that indicate potential tumors some of which include:

i. Seizures

Your brain controls a massive network of electrical impulses that control over 70,000 thoughts every day through more than a 100 billion neurons generating enough current to power a small light source. Seizures are essentially misfires or short circuits that might occur in your system. Tumors can cause the brain to fire electrical impulses uncontrollably causing various kinds of body movements ranging from entire body convulsions to jitters in certain parts.

ii. Numbness

Losing feeling in any part of the body is another characteristic that might indicate a brain tumor. An infectious growth on the part where the brain merges with the spinal cord is mostly accredited with these feelings of numbness in the body.

iii. Vision distortion

The brain is responsible for controlling almost every other organ in the body and the eyes are the ones closest to it. Therefore, one of the most basic tell-tale signs of a possible tumor is loss of eye sight. Blurred vision on one side of the body might result in you bumping into objects on that specific side because you never saw them coming.

iv. Changes in normal memory and thinking

Of course, an infectious growth in the brain would also impair its primary functions of processing thoughts, emotions and memory. This might not always be a precursor to tumors however they a subtle hint and call for an immediate appointment to be taken with a specialist.

v. Unusual headaches

Migraines or routine headaches are not causes of concern, however if you suffer from headaches that are persistent then you might have a reason to worry but they are caused by very large tumors.

vi. Weakness or lethargy

Depending on the part of the brain that a tumor might occur in, patients experience lethargy and weakness. The brain is inverted in terms of the part of the body it controls, i.e. the right side of the brain control the left side of the body and vice versa and the if you experience weakness in a certain part it might indicate the part of brain that is affected.

Doctors nowadays use start of the art technologies and treatment techniques to diagnose and treat brain tumors. If you experience any of the symptoms from the ones mentioned above, be sure to visit a neurosurgeon at the earliest.

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