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Non-Surgical Spine Treatment Could Be an Option for You
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

If you are suffering from a spine condition like spinal stenosis or a herniated disc, your pain will likely make you wonder about treatment options available for you. There are surgical options as well as non-surgical options available for spine conditions. In this post, we’ll discuss the non-surgical spine treatment options. But, before that, let’s shed some light on the important topic of prevention.

How to Prevent Spine Issues?
If you want to ensure that your current condition doesn’t aggravate, follow these tips to take care of your spine:
  • The Right Posture
    Maintain a proper posture when you are standing or sitting.

  • Working
    If you’re required to work in front of a computer screen for hours every day, make sure that the screen is at such an angle that it doesn’t put any strain on your neck while you work.
Non-Surgical Spine Treatments

If you’re experiencing deliberating pain because of a spine condition, it’s time to act. The first thing you need to do is find a spine physician to review your case, diagnose your condition and recommend treatment options. For some, recovery is only possible through a spine surgery. However, many patients can recover through non-surgical treatments. Non-surgical treatment options for spine conditions include:
  • Medications
    Pain relief medications are perhaps the most basic treatment option. The right type of pain relievers can be prescribed to you by your doctor.

  • Exercise and Physical Therapy
    You can strengthen your muscles by performing simple stretching exercises. A physical therapy program can include treatments like massage, ultrasound, ice packs and hot pads.

  • Bracing
    Bracing isn’t an option for every patient. However, your doctor may recommend you to wear one when you are required to perform a more demanding activity.
There are several other non-surgical spine treatment options like yoga, chiropractic, pilates and others. Each patient should check with their spine specialist to determine the treatment methods that would be best for them.

It is important for you to understand that resting can be a good way to care of your spine. However, if you rest too much, it can lead to problems. A few days of rest may relieve acute pain. However, if you’re struggling to perform every day activities because of the pain, ask your physician about how you can return to activity. If non-surgical treatment options have proven ineffective, you may have to consider surgery.

Contact us today at 937-299-8242 to book an appointment with our doctor. They will review your condition and use the TAHA procedure for your treatment. See how TAHA procedure can help you recover from your condition.

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